Welcome to So She Travelled

I believe there are differences in the way women undertake travel, especially when solo and/or visiting countries where women don’t have equal rights. With amazing new apps, widespread connectivity, and women’s outdoor clothing available in more colour options than simply lurid shades of pink, it’s a good time to explore!

Modern technology facilitates independence and lighter travel footprints and So She Travelled is here to provide honest guides by connecting with the far-flung world, as well as the back garden. I’d like all women to have the chance to join a journey as it happens and share in the whole experience, not just the highlights.

What makes So She Travelled different?

The goal of So She Travelled is to share travelling in a way that brings everyone along on the journey as it happens not just the edited version afterwards.

Regardless of the level of luxury or the exotic nature of the destination, travelling should be as fun to watch as doing it is – perhaps more so if it’s done in ways you wouldn’t necessarily do it yourself!

Is So She Travelled just for women?

No! Much of the content is tailored to help women travel and features my experiences as a woman travelling but I hope that this information is universally beneficial and entertaining, and ultimately useful to any destination you want to find yourself in. As a creative I’ve often found a lack of opportunities for women so it’s become increasingly important to me to support the next generation of female content creators and be a stepping stone for them to greater things.

What if I can’t afford to travel?

Travelling isn’t just catching a plane. It can be changing your route to work, walking the dog somewhere new or taking the train to the coast. There’s a chance to see something unexpected by taking your feet for a brisk walk and I’ve lived in London for 15 years and haven’t seen all of the museums, parks and galleries here. Heck, there are still tube stations I’ve never heard of.