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Hand Luggage Hacks: The Only Travel Towel You’ll Ever Need

Everyone has a microfibre towel when travelling nowadays. They fold up tiny, dry quickly and you can use them as a blanket when things get really bad on the plane ride home. But no one talks about the problem with microfibre towels: they stink. Add all the anti-bacterial properties you want but within a few uses, they stink. And they’re normally too small to cover your decency when you’re in public too.

Well, I found a towel that while technically ‘microfibre’ doesn’t feel – or smell – like one at all and I’ve used it for 4-month trips and 2-night trips. It’s the bee’s knees of travel towels and guess what? It’s £11!

Gelert Giant Soft Towel

Why is it so good? Glad you asked.

1. It’s huge, 160cm x 90cm to be exact and yet still folds into a tiny pocket bag included in the price.

2. It doesn’t come in annoying fluorescent colours that stain easily. It comes in pleasing dark blue and dark purple.

3. It feels more like brushed cotton velvet. There’s no fluffiness to it and it stays like this eternally.

4. It doesn’t smell. I use mine for hot yoga regularly as it’s quite grippy and absorbs so well and it still comes out smelling better than everything else.

5. It dries quicker than a normal microfibre. This one really surprises me as it feels much denser and of better quality than a normal travel towel and yet somehow absorbs liquid quickly and dries almost instantly.

6. The price has never changed. I’ve bought 3 for myself over three years and bought them for others and it’s always been the same quality and the same price.

7. I don’t use bathroom cotton towels on my hair as it tends to flatten my curls. This one is great for anyone that gets frizz from cotton towels too.

8. You can get 2 for £17.

9. You can get them online and in most Sports Directs too.

10. If you’re a minimalist in every part of your life, this can actually be your towel for life. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

This is completely my own opinion and recommendation. And a bit of a public service to myself so I don’t have to travel with people carrying stinky travel towels anymore, hehe.

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