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Travel In Style – A Jumpsuit For Every Destination

One thing I feel it’s taken me a long time to learn about travelling is how to dress for every occasion I’m headed to. This is in part because I’m a nosy bugger and find myself in a lot of interesting situations and also because I’ve found my flow as a minimalist packer and won’t take a kilo more than I need anymore. This means my packing and shopping skills have had to step up their game!

I’m a big fan of non-binary clothing, especially men’s tailoring adapted to the female form, as opposed to the old large tuxedo looks of the nineties. I find it hard wearing, versatile and representative of the kind of woman who will go from crawling under celebrity houses to shoot surf in Malibu directly to dinner at Nobu (yep, I did that).

Picking A Jumpsuit

There are a few key things I look for in my travel and everyday clothing and these are:

  • Natural materials. I don’t like polyester or most man-made fibres and only go there if its velvet or satin eveningwear that I won’t have on for long.
  •  No ironing required. Because life’s too short and there are things to see and do.
  • Smart. Just because I’m travelling minimally doesn’t mean I’m willing to look like a hobo when I turn up in someone else’s beautiful country. I try to make sure I look like I made an effort because I’ve found many places have a much more formal approach to everyday fashion than we do in London and it’s nice to feel like I’m honouring a place rather than schlepping through it.

And that’s it! Simples…

At the moment I’m really into travel jumpsuits and just bought a few that I think will suit all of the weird and wonderful adventures I have planned for this year so I thought I’d share what’s been inspiring me, especially since there’s sales on right now!

There’s a jumpsuit for every occasion so of course, I’ve listed them in the most practical applications for each, or how I’ll wear them anyway (possibly not the same thing)!

Long Haul

The MOST important jumpsuit of all – the aeroplane jumpsuit! I got so tired of planning a ‘warm’ outfit for when I leave England’s blustery shores, which usually never gets worn again, annoys me while I’m on the plane and necessitates washing several items as soon as I touch down. So I’ve converted to the travel jumpsuit way of life. Again, it must be smart, natural fibres and uncreasable, be soft enough to sleep on an airport floor and smart enough to go to dinner in. Not asking much, not asking much.


It’s Friday evening, I’ve got a late night flight for a weekend city break and I’m taking a small bag because I don’t want to wear a rucksack – what to pack? A jumpsuit that I can wear for pretty much the entire time I’m away whatever the weather and sleep in if I feel like it! Joking about the last bit. Actually, I’m not. I have done it before because jumpsuits are the best thing to climb into when it’s unexpectedly cold in the middle of the night and the hotel aircon is stuck on ‘freeze-ray’ setting.

Beach To Bar

Love finding a playsuit (still counts) that rolls into nothing, can be worn all day by the pool and transformed with naught but a bold red lip for ultimate tropical eveningwear.

90’s Comfort

Okay, probably not worth investing too much but these just had to make my list! The poppers on this Urban Outfitters jumpsuit take me back to my misspent youth when Adidas first brought out their popper tracksuit bottoms and we all walked around half naked with our trousers blowing in the wind and our eyeliner (Rimmel, obvs) artfully smeared in whichever style Kate Moss was artfully smearing hers.
Then there’s Rihanna’s mighty collab with Puma, which I’d totally wear in mustard and port shades!
And think of how comfortable I’ll be on the plane when I can just un-pop my jumpsuit right there and then? Genius.

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