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Best Cafes To Work From In Copenhagen

I’ve spent the last few months travelling back and forth from Copenhagen and getting to know the city again and I have found some excellent places to write. It takes a bit of trial and error here as many places are really geared just for drinking coffee or eating, or both and don’t have the space to accommodate people looking to set up their laptops in a corner and sap the wifi, understandably. With that in mind, I’ve done the hard work for you and made a list of the top 5 places to write or work from in Copenhagen!
And if you are actually just interested in drinking coffee, having an amazing brunch or finding a place to play board games in, check out my other post on those places here.


Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 Copenhagen V

Republikken is actually the café of a communal workspace, much like in London and in San Francisco. The café is centrally located and sits above the hustle bustle of the main road, Vesterbrogade, below and actively encourages you to come in and work or read there.

What I love about this café is the many different seating options and levels there are available. There are desks, bar stools and big comfy window seats with plug sockets aplenty. The vibe is quiet but motivated and it’s the perfect place to get above the city buzz without losing the working vibe.  There’s a good range of drinks available and no emphasis on food, handy for anyone like me who has spent too much time working in cafes with cake. I’m writing this there now in fact.
My recommendation for use: Writing, reading and editing. This place is really versatile with large desk spaces if you’re working on a project or with a group. The window seats are my favourite spot.

Bang & Jensen

Istedgade 130, 1650 Copenhagen

Anyone who’s a fan of 60’s Danish design will love Bang & Jensen all the more for it’s eclectic reclaimed sofas and chairs mixed with iconic photography and subdued lighting. It’s a favourite with hipsters and while it’s often busy and doesn’t offer much table space, it has a cosy layout, which offers inviting corners to sit and work on less time consuming projects at. I don’t really rate the food here, it’s mostly expensive grilled sandwiches but in the evening this place livens up a lot and has some great cocktails available.

My recommendation for use: Finishing and reviewing projects before meeting friends for drinks there. It’s the perfect day to night crossover place, minus the food.

Paludan’s Book Café

Fiolstræde 10, 1171 Copenhagen Central

I find the title book café a little misleading in that I imagined a library with Chesterfields when I first found out about it. However, get over that initial assumption and you’ll find a fantastic working space with desks and chairs surrounded by a mezzanine of books. It’s a popular choice with the Copenhagen University students who are just next door but don’t let this put you off checking it out as I’ve always found a spot when I’ve been in.

My recommendation: Revising and computer work.

Palace Theatre Bar & Cafe

Axeltorv 9, 1609 Copenhagen V

The Palads Teatret is home to my favourite cinema in Copenhagen and offers a VIP film experience should you want to see a blockbuster while you’re in town. My main reason for popping in so often though is that I love the moodily lit café, which is the perfect place to drink tea while watching the world go by from within a creative bubble. I especially enjoy writing in theatre and cinema cafes because often everything from the décor to the staff are thoughtful, inspiring and understanding of other creatives so you’re made to feel at home more than in other working spots.

My recommendation: Great for writing or reading. Avoid the yummy mummies by checking when the mother and baby films are on each week if you need a quiet space to work.

Baresso, Christianshavn

Torvegade 35, 1400 Copenhagen Central


Yes, it’s a chain and I prefer independents but this one has a great location overlooking the canal on the corner of Christianshavn and the lattes and cinnamon buns are a perfect combination on a cold day. This particular outlet saved me on a bone-chilling day in February after I’d been shooting outside in a thunderstorm. My camera had packed up, I’d been walking around in wet clothes for hours and shuddered my way into Baresso half expecting to be kicked straight back out again. However, they hire the nicest staff, all of whom speak excellent English, and they helped dry my clothes and equipment and didn’t complain when I sat there editing my images for 3 hours with only a solitary chai latte because I couldn’t bear to go outside again until the rain stopped!

This is more of a bar stool perch/peer at the world out the window type place but there are comfy chairs and low tables too. If you don’t need to work, check out Lagkagehuset bakery just opposite for the kind of Danish pastries I catch planes home for.

My recommendation: Try the fiberbolle, a circular sandwich made with grain and seed rounds instead of bread and filled with cream cheese and peppers. It’s good fuel food that I usually buy when about to take a long trip.


Sankt Hans Torv 3, 2200 København K

A relatively new discovery that’s quickly become my favourite thanks to their range of non-dairy milk, including several oat options, which FYI is the best latte milk ever.
All of the cafes in this area are independently owned and amazing. In fact, I pretty much hang out here exclusively and do a slow cafe to bar crawl around the block as I meet friends. Nearby you have the infamous Cafe Navnløs (Nameless) which is entirely not-for-profit, run by volunteers and very popular for good reason. There’s also Cafe Sweet Surrender, which is small and cosy and great for catch-ups with children in tow as they have toys and colouring corners galore.
Kaffeplantagen is bigger than most of the surrounding offerings so better for working from if you need a bit of space to spread out and their outdoor seating in summer has the best position for shading your face while sunning your legs… I can promise you I’ve tried them all: this is ‘the one’!


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