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Welcome to Miami!

We are officially LIVE!
And I am officially in MIAMI – double yay!

There are SO many posts, videos and photos we’re adding to the site over Christmas and New Year to cover all of the destinations you’ve seen me visit, so if you’re looking for a specific destination, keep an eye on it in the Travel menu and it will be there VERY soon! For now, I thought you’d want to come along to Miami Beach as I cover Art Basel, which I have wanted to visit for SO long (I’m excited, can you tell?)!

It was touch and go as to whether I’d get into the US with my current ESTA because I visited Iran and the US embassy in London weren’t sure what the protocol was so I just had to come and find out and report back (or be sent back)!

US immigration in Miami are lovely and I am here, safe and sound, writing from Ocean Drive!

First impressions:

  1. People are friendly and helpful. You ask a question and locals will go out of their way to make sure you get what you need.
  2. Food is cheap and flavourful. lots of Caribbean spice and Mexican delights with fresh ingredients. Every restaurant smells great!
  3. Art is everywhere! I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but Miami has bold art in its bones in a way I’ve never seen elsewhere in the US. It doesn’t feel class dictated, elitist or sideline. Art is the equaliser here; there’s genuine joy when anyone walks by something creative, whether it be freshly painted street art or a towering chrome installation.
  4. The beach is white and vast and almost empty!
  5. The street style here is my favourite in the US! It’s a blend of striking self-expression without self-consciousness attached. Whether someone is wearing a tracksuit or an evening gown at 10am, they’re wearing it in complementary colours with clashing prints and a big, friendly smile.
  6. I’m so obsessed with The Florida Project and I want to explore the motels and estates of the Sunshine State before I head home. The pastel colours and diagonals of these concrete buildings surrounded by palms is instantly iconic.
  7. I could totally live here (yep, another one!)
  8. Whole Foods is like heaven on earth in a country where ingredients can be tricky to fact check. They have things like vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free cookie dough. I spent an hour browsing the shelves last night before remembering I only went in to buy water!
  9. The nightlife is… very good! I’ll do some more ‘research’ and get back to you. 
  10. Lots of awesome people are arriving from Europe for Art Basel and I can’t wait for it to begin – tomorrow!

Going to visit a few galleries today before the art fairs start. I’m here for a few days after Art Basel so do let me know if there’s anything I should visit or do in Florida! It’s my first time here so I’m letting it all sink in at the moment and I should probably get on with a bit of research!

Time to put my Will Smith playlist on repeat and explore the city where the heat is on (it was forecast to be raining actually but so far, so sunny!) Much appreciated arriving from freezing England in my happy pineapple dress!

Just taking a walk in my happy pineapple dress, as you do.
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