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So She Travelled: The Travel Diaries

I’ve thought a lot about how to share my travels on here and I know it’s an important part of So She Travelled online. At the moment I respond to travel questions and messages individually and there are many queries about what to do in specific locations I’ve visited so I wanted to make sure I’m providing something that’s entertaining to anyone interested.

Looking at what’s out there, I think both mainstream and alternative travel guides are doing a great job of sharing what can be enjoyed in almost any city in the world. As an individual, I don’t think I need to compete with those, or could honestly offer anything as up-to-date.

What I do know about my own travels is that they’re off the beaten track, extremely wide-ranging and often memorable in bizarre, sometimes hilarious ways. The messages I get about my travels are usually from people wanting to try something a little different on their next holiday or those who enjoyed seeing and hearing about my adventures but definitely wouldn’t want to go themselves!

And I probably wouldn’t recommend some ways I travel because it very much suits what I’m going to photograph, how much time I have in between jobs and the experiences I’m after. When travelling with others, I’m careful to make sure we’re of the same mindset with useful skillsets to offer one another. It wouldn’t work otherwise.
And still, the first thing any new person wants to hear about, even when we’ve visited the same places, are my stories of quad biking the coasts of Costa Rica while they were following their travel guides. That’s where I think I can help!

The So She Travelled Diaries are a chance to share how I did what I did and the stories that happened as a result. I thought these kinds of stories happened to everyone when I started out but it appears I’m drawn to rather random situations; sometimes inspiring, sometimes incredible and to be honest, sometimes just completely bonkers.

So with that: read them with caution! I don’t recommend chasing these experiences or following my ways of doing everything (or anything!). What I hope by writing these is that you might find them enjoyable, enlightening and that they bring our worlds a little closer – if only by how easy it is to be a clutz in every corner of the known world and somehow make the plane home.

Whenever you see the Diary posts they’ll relate to one of the countries I’ve travelled in and the anecdotes from there that will stay in my memory long after the destinations themselves have faded.

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